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LifePath Care Services’ goal is to empower individuals and families affected by mental health , medical issues ,  behavioral health , physical disabilities and  developmental challenges ,  resulting in better living.

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You deserve to be happy in every way you choose to live. Let us help you achieve your life goals. 

We provide a wide range of services listed here.


Participation in Community

Helping participants with acquiring, retaining, or improving self help, socialization, and adaptive skills.


Community Nursing Care

Our Registered Nurses are ready to provide care to you if you require treatment and monitoring of health care procedures.


Accommodation Services

If you require one-on-one round the clock support, then we are here to help. You will also receive support with everyday tasks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Some supports are funded by other areas of government (e.g. state health systems) or existing public/community services.

In general, the NDIS will fund reasonable and necessary supports that help a person living with a disability enjoy an ordinary life.

These supports and services fall into three categories.

The NDIS is not designed to fund supports more appropriately funded or provided by the health system.

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of health conditions, along with medications and hospital care, remain the responsibility of the health system. 

As a general guide, the following health-related services and supports are not provided or funded through the NDIS:

The Disability Support Pension along with other income supports and payments such as the Carer Payment, Carer Supplement, Carer Allowance and Child Disability Assistance Payment are entirely separate to the NDIS.

These payments will not be affected if a patient qualifies for NDIS funding (the exception to this is the Mobility Allowance from Centrelink, which may be replaced if your patient’s NDIS plan includes transport-related funded supports).

It’s important to note that someone who is receiving the Disability Support Pension is not automatically eligible for NDIS funding and supports.

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